Private Apartment Thonglor

108 sqm, Thonglor, Thailand

At the onset, one of the primary concerns was the lack of natural light in the living room due to the layout and narrow space. The Anonym team addressed this issue by removing a wall, which immediately creates a better flow to the whole apartment.

The main living area comprises an open kitchen and a living room, partly separated from the dining room by a room divider with a built-in television. On each end of the apartment is a bedroom with its own bathroom.

Several original features were preserved, including the wooden flooring, which was cleaned and polished, and the cabinet in the master bedroom, which was painted black. Taking into account the client’s love of monochrome and a more classic style, the designers recommended the use of white walls with mouldings, adding sophistication to the apartment. They created a black island in the kitchen, which complements several dark pieces of furniture. Gold accessories and lighting add touches of radiance and grandeur. Most elements were custom-made or are from local designers and furniture-makers, such as the sofa by Studio128.

The use of different materials and a restrained colour palette bring harmony to the apartment. The main goal was to achieve ‘simple and luxurious at the same time,’ the duo explains.

Interested in creating both emotions and experiences, Ueasangkhomset and Roojnawate didn’t choose the name of their studio by chance. With Anonym, they invite everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do, to come together for the project at hand.

Text / Karine Monié : Design anthology