Taka Haus Sales Gallery

306 sqm, Bangkok, Thailand

Turning an empty commercial building into a sales office, we faced with the challenges of accessibility and visibility that it has not designated for.

The existing main entrance was re-decorated with red aluminium structure to create a sense of place and it link with the design of related future condominium project in the same neighbourhood. As it is not the main entrance but it became a main focal point for the passerby. The main entrance is from elevator that connected to the parking at the basement. Start at the elevator lobby, diagonal line from floor pattern to gold stripes inlay on the ceiling led clients to the lobby and reception space which decorate with luxurious materials, white marble wall, metallic texture wall covering, red velvet banquet seating, genuine leather chairs, black and white marble counters to complete the design.

Before enter the mock-up rooms, a transition space has been created with minimal design in white and led stripe light. This is the model room that the clients can have detail information about the future project with interactive touch screens. Two mock-up rooms are located at the front of the building and they can be seen from the road side. The design fit with the given programs and show the different life styles in bespoke details from wall panelling to joineries work.